Research about NHS Complaints and Feedback

Cover of 'From Recommendation to Implementation' reportFrom Recommendation to Implementation: translating ‘Making it Better: Complaints and Feedback from Patients and Carers about NHS Services in Scotland’ into practicePDF version

This paper builds on previous research undertaken by Craigforth on NHSScotland's complaints process - which identified 15 recommendations on how to improve the complaints process, including reviewing current publicity strategies about the procedure, ensuring equity in response timescales across NHS services, encouraging feedback and governance mechanisms. The Scottish Health Council has involved key stakeholders (including NHS and Independent Advice and Support Service staff, voluntary and community groups and patients) to consider how these recommendations can be implemented across the NHS.



Cover of Making It BetterMaking it Better: Complaints and Feedback from Patients and Carers about NHS services in ScotlandPDF version

This study looks in detail at the processes for handling complaints and other types of feedback from people who have had a problem with an NHS service. It identifies the barriers people perceive and experience, and the factors which are likely to encourage or support people to make a complaint or to give feedback.

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Mapping of complaints process for NHS services in ScotlandPDF version

(Craigforth, 2009)