Gathering public views on a register of interests for Scotland

A Link opens in a new windowpublic petition has been lodged before the Scottish Parliament which calls for legislation for a Register of Interests specifically for Scotland. This would create a searchable record of all payments (including payments in kind) made to NHSScotland healthcare workers from industry and commerce, including pharmaceutical companies.

The Scottish Government asked us to obtain views from the public on the potential introduction of a Register of Interests for Scotland. In line with our normal practice of gathering public views on a specific subject, we organised and facilitated discussion groups in all 14 NHS Board areas across Scotland, using a standard set of questions, which was developed in conjunction with the Scottish Government. A total of 81 people were involved through focus group discussions, responding to questionnaires or telephone interviews. This activity was not undertaken either as formal research nor as a full public consultation exercise.

Gathering public views on a register of interests for ScotlandWe summarise what people told us in this report, Gathering views on a register of interests for ScotlandPDF document, which has also been shared with the Public Petitions Committee.

(March 2016)