Gathering Views on the Future of Oral Health in Scotland

Gathering views on the future of oral health in Scotland front coverThe Scottish Government’s Chief Dental Officer and Dentistry Division asked us to help with a consultation exercise on the future of Oral Health services. The purpose of the consultation was to build on the success of actions undertaken since the publication of the Dental Action Plan in 2005 and produce a new Oral Health Improvement Plan which would guide the development of services for the next 10 to 15 years.

Small discussion groups were organised in eight NHS Board areas in Scotland. In a ninth Board area three sites were visited and face-to-face interviews conducted with parents, grandparents and carers of young children. A total of 113 members of the public took part (55 attended the discussion groups and 58 gave views via one-to-one discussions). Discussions and questionnaires focused on predetermined questions designed to gather views on five main themes:

  • general views on dental care
  • links between oral health and general health
  • cost and value of dental care
  • the national Childsmile programme, and
  • services for older people

This report, Gathering views on the future of oral health in ScotlandPDF document, summarises what people told us.

(June 2017)