Evaluation of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland's Voices Scotland Programme

Evaluation of Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland's Voices Scotland programmeThis report follows an independent evaluation of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland's Voices Scotland programmePDF document, which was jointly commissioned by the Scottish Health Council and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

Link opens in a new windowVoices Scotland is a programme of workshops and support for patients and carers, together with advice and facilitation for NHS managers and clinicians, aimed at helping patients to become effectively involved in improving healthcare services. The programme has been running since 2005 and has evolved over the past 3 years to incorporate training for service users to become 'Champions of Self Management in Care' (COSMIC), with a view to developing networks of local individuals within each NHS Board area who will champion self management. Since 2012, COSMIC training resources have been made available to other organisations who might wish to adapt and use them with their own service users.

The evaluation found that the Voices Scotland programme has achieved notable impact. There is still much to do in terms of extending the training to people with conditions other than those relating to chest, heart and stroke, reaching every NHS Board area and replenishing the supply of trained service users - but the Voices Scotland team has made a significant and distinctive contribution over a sustained period of time.

The evaluation also found that the programme goes far beyond simply providing a set of effective training materials, crucially combining these with an approach to facilitation and support which has been developed over years by the Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland team. Replicating this is not straightforward, and any organisation seeking to do this will need to pay attention to the features of the programme that make it work.

(April 2014)