Volunteering Information System

A key component of the Volunteering in NHSScotland Programme is the Volunteering Information System. The System has been designed for, and with the involvement of, NHS Boards, to support them to manage their volunteering programmes and report on activity.  This provides:

  1. compliance with all data protection, information governance and data security policy and legislation,
  2. a reduction in the administrative burden on staff who manage and support volunteers,
  3. an improvement in the accuracy and efficiency of reporting on volunteer engagement, and
  4. an accurate picture of volunteer engagement locally and nationally.

The System is currently being deployed across NHSScotland with 17 NHS Boards using it at present.

What the system does

The System allows each NHS Board to track the volunteer journey from point of contact through to their engagement in a volunteer role.  This helps to ensure that the recruitment process is followed and provides Boards with a rich set of data on the path from that first contact through to the beginning of the volunteer 'placement'.

Data is stored securely with strict access policies in place.  Each NHS Board signs an agreement which outlines the responsibilities of all parties.

The system also provides a number of reports, allowing Boards to identify trends and take proactive steps to improve their management processes and support a positive volunteering experience.

Volunteering Information System User Group

Each NHS Board is asked to nominate a user to join the Volunteering Information System User Group.

The Group reviews requests for ‘system enhancements', prioritising proposed changes to the system and ensuring that it is continually developed to meet the changing needs of NHS boards.  The Group is chaired by a member staff from an NHS Board that utilises the system, supported by two further Vice-Chairs.

Contact and more information

For more information please contact the Programme Manager, Alan Bigham at Emailalan.bigham@nhs.net.

statementPDF document was issued to NHS boards on the use of eESS and the Volunteering Information System in August 2014.