Volunteer Management in NHSScotland

Volunteer Management in NHSScotlandThis report, Volunteer Management in NHSScotlandPDF document, contains the findings of research undertaken in 2016. The report also makes a number of recommendations for NHS Boards to consider in light of these findings.

Volunteer managers in NHSScotland were asked to repond to a survey on various aspects of volunteer management. The report compares responses to the earlier work undertaken by the Volunteering in NHSScotland Programme in 2012 and the work of Volunteer Development Scotland in 2001.

The report notes that NHS Boards:

  • have increased the number of volunteer management positions,
  • have moved towards a decentralised and/or mixed model of volunteer management,
  • are still challenged in terms of capacity to support the volume of enquiries,and
  • have developed a number of examples of good practice that could be shared further.

(August 2017)