PPG Development Tool

Cover of Patient Participation Group Development ToolOur Patient Participation Group (PPG) Development ToolPDF document will help existing Patient Participation Groups to think about ways in which they can contribute effectively to the work of their general practice.

It will help to identify areas which could be improved or strengthened, and enable groups to come up with ideas and solutions - so that the group ultimately becomes more efficient and productive.

Our local staff can work through the Development Tool with your group at a level of involvement which group members require.

What people have said

  • “The Local Officer did a really good audit [using the PPG Development Tool] and that was very helpful to clarify what we felt the role of the group should be and how we could start developing that.”
    – Dr. Peter Kheilman, Danestone Medical Practice, Aberdeen
  • “It surprised us because when the Local Officer came and did it [the PPG Development Tool] we thought, 'oh dear, we’ve really haven’t done anything.' But by the time we’d finished doing it we realised that actually we’d done a lot”
    – Sue Kinsey, PPG Secretary, Danestone Medical Practice, Aberdeen
  • "It provides a useful framework with which to evaluate current practice and progress and assess where are going, potential aims and achievements."