Participation Standard 2014-2015

The focus for the third round of self-assessments against the Participation Standard was on how NHS Boards have used complaints and feedback to drive improvement. It follows on from our April 2014 report, Listening and Learning, which reviewed NHS complaints handling and made a number of recommendations.

As the focus was different from in previous years, it was agreed that the 2014–2015 self assessment would provide a baseline for complaints and feedback handling, offering the opportunity to demonstrate future improvement, and that any levels previously attained through the Participation Standard process would not be applicable for this assessment.

National Overview 2014-2015

Participation Standard National Overview 2014-15The Participation Standard National Overview report 2014-2015PDF document summarises the 22 self-assessment reports submitted by each of the NHS Boards throughout Scotland, as well as the annual reports each Board is required to produce on complaints and feedback, and reviews the progress made by Boards in the two years since the publication of Listening and Learning.

NHS Boards provided examples of improvement, including removing the fear factor through training for staff, proactively welcoming feedback from patients and public, and in demonstrating improvements made as a result of the feedback and complaints they received. The use of social media and technology in gathering feedback has increased and it is expected this trend will continue.

NHS Boards also described how they had developed their accountability and governance mechanisms to learn and take action from complaints and feedback received, aligning it to other sources of data such as adverse events, and reporting trends to give assurance to non-executive Board members that improvements can be systematically and reliably demonstrated.

In line with previous years, NHS Boards involved public participants in endorsing their self assessments prior to submission. Feedback from participants in this process was mostly positive but included several suggestions for improvement in future.

Summary Reports 2014-2015

The summary reports below provide a brief description of Boards' self-assessed performance in relation to handling complaints and feedback.

Territorial Boards

Special Boards

Enquiries about the full self-assessment reports should be made directly to the individual NHS Boards.