Participation Standard 2010-11

NHS Boards assessed their own performance in 2010-11 against the Participation Standard. Then they asked local patient and community groups to comment on the assessment and provide an independent view. The self-assessments were subsequently reviewed by the Scottish Health Council.

NHS Boards developed improvement plans for 2011-12, based on the findings of their Participation Standard assessments, and these will be used as part of NHS Boards' reports to the Scottish Government on improving participation locally.

National Overview 2010-11

Cover of the 2010-11 Participation Standard National OverviewThe Participation Standard National Overview 2010-2011PDF document summarises the 22 assessment reports which described how each of the NHS Boards throughout Scotland performed against the Participation Standard in 2010-11, and includes examples of good practice gathered from NHS Boards across the country. Key findings include:

  • NHS Boards are able to demonstrate a wide range of positive examples where patients and the public have influenced health service redesign.
  • All NHS Boards in Scotland have a Board-wide reporting structure and a strategy for Patient Focus and Public Involvement in place.
  • One of the most challenging areas for NHS Boards is how to demonstrate the positive difference made by patient and public involvement.

Summary Reports

The summary reports below provide a brief description of Boards' self-assessed performance in relation to Patient Focus and Public Involvement, as well as their governance arrangements for involving people.

Territorial Boards

Special Boards

Enquiries about the full self-assessment reports should be made directly to the individual NHS Boards.