The "Our Voice" framework

Our Voice frameworkOur Voice operates at individual, local and national levels in order to support improvement and to empower people to be equal partners in their care:

At individual level, people should be fully involved in decisions about their treatment and care, and they should be empowered and supported to feed back about the care and services they receive. Their feedback should be used to drive and inform continuous improvement to services. Integration stakeholders are working together to develop systems for hearing and responding to feedback that are accessible, manageable for staff, and capable of being transferred across settings.

At local level, a peer network will support people to engage purposefully in local planning processes. Guidance, tools and techniques will build people's capacity to get involved in, and to lead, local conversations. Particular support will be given to those whose voices are not always heard, and to develop local networks of people who are willing to get involved.

At national level, a citizen voice ‘hub’ will tap into existing structures and networks, gathering intelligence on issues of concern and involving as wide a range of people as possible in improving services. Strategic gathering and analysis of individual stories on topics of national interest will provide policy-makers and health and care providers with powerful evidence for improvement. Citizens' panels will create opportunities for people to engage in national policy debate.

A leadership coalition of health and social care service users, carers and leaders in the NHS, local authorities and the third sector will guide the development of the framework, work to maintain the momentum, and act as champions for a stronger citizen voice within their organisations. It will be independently chaired by a member of the public.