This page describes the steps we have taken to make this website accessible to all of our visitors. We are committed to producing websites and online resources that can be accessed by everybody. Our website conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium's Link opens in a new windowWeb Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and Link opens in a new windowWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Text Size

You can increase the size of the text on our website using Ctrl +  or Ctrl - to decrease it.


JAWS Screen Reader Settings

For users of JAWS we recommend the following sort order: title | text | alt | href as the best combination to set.


PDF documents

Download Adobe ReaderFrom the Adobe website you can download the Link opens in a new windowfree Acrobat Reader for reading PDF documents and find other Link opens in a new windowaccessibility resources.


Link icons

Some hyperlinks on our website have associated icons which give you more information:

  • Link opens in a new windowExternal links to other websites open in a new window
  • EmailEmail addresses will open up a new message in your email program
  • Documents which can be downloaded will open in a new window:
    Microsoft Word documentsMicrosoft Word document
    PDF documentsPDF document
    Microsoft PowerPoint presentationsPowerPoint file

Links which have no icon will open pages from our website within the current window. Any link which opens a document or an external website in a new window has a title attribute which describes what will happen if you click on it.


Multilingual support

Some languages may not be displayed correctly without proper multilingual supportSome pages in our website contain text written in Arabic, Bengali, Cyrillic, Hindi, Traditional Chinese and Urdu scripts. Without proper multilingual support, you may see question marks, boxes or other symbols instead of the correct characters. Information on how to set up your computer or web browser correctly can be found on the Link opens in a new windowWikipedia website.