Patient Discussion Event at Oakley Health Practice, Fife

Gill Dennes
Practice Nurse
A GP practice in Fife organised a discussion event for patients and representatives of the local community. This was an opportunity to explain how previous patient feedback had improved services and to involve people in planning future improvements.
Start Date: October 2014
End Date: January 2015
Primary care
Target groups
All groups
Methods Used
Aims and objectives
To meet with patients of the practice to share information about changes made to the practice as a result of feedback from patient surveys, as well as work undertaken on Productive General Practice, and to provide an opportunity to discuss any further changes the practice might make to improve the service in the future.
What we did
At the request of the doctors in the practice, the Practice Nurse met with the Local Officer from the Scottish Health Council to discuss the best method of engaging with their patients. It was agreed to organise a patient discussion event.

An invitation was sent out from the doctors to local community groups asking them to attend an informal patient discussion event one evening at the health centre.

Following personal introductions, the two doctors presented the context and content of the feedback. The second half of the evening was a facilitated discussion covering how the practice had responded to the feedback and addressing three questions posed by the doctors in relation to improving the service within the practice.

There followed a lively and robust facilitated engagement by all participants, including patients, doctors, practice nurse and practice manager, addressing comments, concerns, complaints and compliments.
Patients appreciated the opportunity to hear the results of the surveys and to network with other patients. They agreed to feed back the outcomes of the discussion to the communities they represented, and there was unanimous agreement to attend future events.
Of the 10 patients who attended, eight completed an evaluation form - a response rate of 80%. In all, the responses were very positive and comments under "what did you value most?" included:
• hearing about the services provided
• the presentation and group feedback
• discussion from all areas/groups and hearing people's different views on topics
• networking opportunities
• the opportunity to promote practice facilities to the community, and
• to see so many people attending.
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