What We Do

The Scottish Health Council promotes Patient Focus and Public Involvement in the NHS in Scotland. A key aspect of our role is to support NHS Boards and monitor how they carry out their statutory duty to involve patients and the public in the planning and delivery of NHS services.

The Scottish Health Council has several core functions:

In practice, most of our activities will include elements of each function as they are integral parts of our activities.

In 2016 we directly engaged with nearly 13,000 people across Scotland through activities such as focus groups, interviews and questionnaires. We also had thousands of interactions across our social media platforms and website.

In Scotland, there are seven special Health Boards, which have a national remit and provide services across the whole country, and 14 territorial Boards. The Scottish Health Council's remit covers all NHS Boards. As the Scottish Health Council is part of Link opens in new windowHealthcare Improvement Scotland, there are separate arrangements in place to monitor how it fulfils its Patient Focus and Public Involvement duties. Information about NHS Scotland and links to the websites of each of the NHS Boards can be found on the Link opens in new windowSHOW (Scotland's Health on the Web) website.

We are one of the organisations that have come together to develop Our Voice. The Our Voice programme is about engaging the people of Scotland to make health and social care better.

We are also responsible for providing secretariat and support services for Link opens in new windowIndependent Scrutiny Panels. These are expert panels set up by the Scottish Government to consider proposals for major changes in local NHS services in Scotland.

Our Link opens in new windowLocal Delivery Plan provides more detail about how we carry out our core functions. Contact us if you have any comments or queries about any aspect of our work.

Complaints and feedback

The Scottish Health Council does not deal with complaints about health services, treatments or Boards. If you are dissatisfied with services you have received, you should get in touch directly with the relevant Health Board. More information can be found in our section on giving feedback to an NHS Board.

If you would like to complain about the Scottish Health Council itself, more information can be found in our section on feedback and complaints about the Scottish Health Council