Identifying Major Service Change

Guidance on identifying major health service changes This guidance provides NHS Boards, and their communities, with a framework that will assist them in Identifying Major Health Service ChangesPDF document. It is intended to help Boards stimulate discussion amongst key stakeholders in order to establish whether there is a consensus view. Our Service Change Team can provide advice on using this guidance.

There are other factors that NHS Boards may consider relevant, and which will provide significant drivers for change in NHS services, including workforce issues and clinical standards. However, this paper concentrates on issues that are relevant for identifying when a proposed service change might be classed as major, rather than on factors which are underlying drivers for change.

The decision on whether a service change should be regarded as major ultimately rests with Scottish Ministers. However, in making such a decision, Ministers will wish to have regard to the process that the NHS Board has followed in reaching its own view.

(February 2010)