Supporting patient and public feedback across Scotland

Supporting Patient and Public Feedback Across ScotlandThis report, Supporting Patient and Public Feedback across ScotlandPDF document, provides an overview of how our local offices have responded to requests from stakeholders during 2013-14.

Supporting national and international programmes, our local staff have gathered public views on a variety of topics, to collate a Scotland-wide view; road tested patient information and checked the accessibility of public information and surveys; and sought reaction to specific issues from NHS Boards or other parts of the NHS.

Feedback from the stakeholders who made the requests – as well as from the patients, service users and members of the public who were involved in these projects – has been very positive and demonstrates the active contribution which our Scotland-wide network can bring.

For more information about this work, and to discuss how we can support your work in this way, please contact EmailChristine Johnstone, Community Engagement & Improvement Support Manager.

(August 2014)