Community Engagement & Improvement Support

This function is about ensuring that people are fully involved in decisions about health services by:

  • enabling local communities to be involved in the planning and development of services and to support them in influencing how these services are managed and delivered, and

What do we do?

Our key aims include:

  • A stronger focus on community engagement

    We support local patient and community organisations to be involved in the planning and delivery of health services (including planned changes to services and assessment of NHS Boards' public involvement activities). We also work with 'seldom heard' groups to ensure they have the opportunity to influence health services.
  • Proactive and tailored support for NHS Boards

    NHS Boards must continually review and improve the way they engage with the public and local communities. Where a need for improvement is identified, or where an NHS Board is looking to change the way it engages with communities, we work with them to ensure that the services they provide are informed by, and respond, to the needs and preferences of service users.
  • Promoting the development of Public Partnership Forums

    We work with NHS Boards and communities to support the development of Public Partnership Forums in every NHS Board area, ensuring that all communities in Scotland have the opportunity for genuine and meaningful dialogue with healthcare providers.



Christine Johnstone

Christine Johnstone
Community Engagement and Improvement Support Manager

Enquiries to: Suzanne Mack
Telephone: 01592 200555
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What we do
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How we support patient and public feedback across Scotland

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