Participation Network

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NHS Boards have a responsibility to listen and respond to the views of patients, and to involve people in the planning and development of health services. To make this vision of partnership a reality, NHS Boards need to offer people ways of participating that are acceptable to them and meet their needs.

The Participation Network is based on the premise that sharing knowledge benefits everyone.

People with an interest in participating in the design and delivery of health services are encouraged to contribute to, and learn from, the Participation Network.

What do we do?

Our key aims include:

  • A gateway service for NHS Boards to share good practice and develop new approaches to involving people

    We share the latest information on good practice in participation. Using case studies and other sources, the network provides a "one stop shop" for NHS Boards to help them improve the way they involve communities. It also provides updates on UK and international practice and signposts NHS Boards to other useful sources of information.
  • Producing standards and guidance

    Using evidence collected by our Community Engagement and Improvement Support, Participation Review and Service Change functions, we establish how well current practice meets national guidance and standards. Working with stakeholders, we produce and promote standards and guidance that helps NHS Boards develop more inclusive approaches to participation and deliver care that is person-centred.
  • Influencing the development of national policy

    As a key national player in the development of policy around participation in health services, we maintain a "watching brief" on policy development in the UK and internationally and seek to ensure that all policy is based on the best possible available evidence.